Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 70 (2024) 1-2

leto 2024, letnik 70, številka 1-2

Overview of Principles and Rules of Geometrical Product Specifications According to the Current ISO Standards

Samo Zupan, Robert Kunc
Ogledov: 405
Prenosov: 499
Strani: 3-19

Improvement of the Dimensional Accuracy of a Ti-6Al-4V Ripple Disc During Electric Hot Incremental Sheet Forming

Zhengfang Li, Xudong Di, Zhengyuan Gao, Zhiguo An, Ling Chen, Yuhang Zhang, Shihong Lu
Ogledov: 361
Prenosov: 307
Strani: 20-26

Roughness Parameters with Statistical Analysis and Modelling Using Artificial Neural Networks After Finish Milling of Magnesium Alloys with Different Edge Helix Angle Tools

Ireneusz Zagórski, Monika Kulisz, Anna Szczepaniak
Ogledov: 323
Prenosov: 306
Strani: 27-41

Multi-performance Optimization of the Rotary Turning Operation for Environmental and Quality Indicators

Tat-Khoa Doan, Trung-Thanh Nguyen, An-Le Van
Ogledov: 319
Prenosov: 270
Strani: 42-54

A New Calculation Method for Instantaneous Efficiency and Torque Fluctuation of Spur Gears

Xin Tian, Guangjian Wang, Yujiang Jiang
Ogledov: 406
Prenosov: 398
Strani: 55-69

Investigation of the Titanium Alloy Turning Process with Prime A Tools under High-Pressure Cooling Conditions

Grzegorz Struzikiewicz
Ogledov: 298
Prenosov: 278
Strani: 70-79

A Modified Approach to the Rack Generation of Beveloid Gears

Berat Gürcan Şentürk, Mahmut Cüneyt Fetvacı
Ogledov: 353
Prenosov: 327
Strani: 80-91

Investigation on the Application of Worn Cutting Tool Inserts as Burnishing Tools

Oktay Adıyaman
Ogledov: 307
Prenosov: 312
Strani: 92-102