Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 3

leto 2020, letnik 66, številka 3

Control System for a Tensile-Testing Device Using Low-Cost Hardware and Open-Source Software

Matej Kranjec, Jernej Korinšek, Miha Ambrož, Robert Kunc
Ogledov: 2463
Prenosov: 2824
Strani: 155-163

Dynamic Characteristics and Stability Prediction of Steam Turbine Rotor Based on Mesh Deformation

Heyong Si, Lihua Cao, Pan Li
Ogledov: 2043
Prenosov: 1918
Strani: 164-174

Experimental Analysis of Process Parameter Effects on Vibrations in the High-Speed Grinding of a Camshaft

Tao Liu, Zhaohui Deng, Lishu Lv, Shuailong She, Wei Liu, Chengyao Luo
Ogledov: 1850
Prenosov: 1687
Strani: 175-183

Experimental Investigation of the Micro-hardness of EN-31 Die Steel in a Powder-Mixed Near-Dry Electric Discharge Machining Method

Sanjay Sundriyal, Vipin Vipin, Ravinderjit Singh Walia
Ogledov: 1799
Prenosov: 1473
Strani: 184-192

Power-Following Control Strategy of a Wheel-Drive Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

Tao Zhang, Qiang Wang, Xiao-hui He, Si-Sheng Li, Xin-Min Shen
Ogledov: 1847
Prenosov: 1661
Strani: 193-202

Effect of Gangue Distributions on Cutting Force and Specific Energy in Coal Cutting

Kao Jiang, Kuidong Gao, Lirong Wan
Ogledov: 1777
Prenosov: 1443
Strani: 203-212