Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 39 (1993) 11-12

leto 1993, letnik 39, številka 11-12

Carrying Angle and Carrying Capacity of Large Ball bearings

Ivan Prebil, Samo Zupan
Ogledov: 732
Prenosov: 245
Strani: 267-277

To Competitiveness of the Product by Modern Design Methods

Martin Prašnički
Ogledov: 525
Prenosov: 369
Strani: 278-290

The Possibilities of Solving the Scoring Problems of Tooth Flanks with Noninvolute teeth Profiles In Plane Toothed Cylindrical Gears

Miroslav Vereš, Lubomír Petrák
Ogledov: 608
Prenosov: 284
Strani: 291-298

The Influence of Functional Contact Area on the Stress Field In a Gear Tooth Root

Jože Flašker, Srečko Glodež, Stanislav Pehan
Ogledov: 613
Prenosov: 310
Strani: 299-308

Numerical Model for the Calculation of Service Life of a Gear

Jože Flašker, Boris Aberšek
Ogledov: 594
Prenosov: 274
Strani: 309-318