Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (2021) 10

leto 2021, letnik 67, številka 10

Effectiveness of Automatic CAM Programming Using Machining Templates for the Manufacture of Special Production Tooling

Maciej Kowalski, Przemysław Zawadzki, Adam Hamrol
Ogledov: 1059
Prenosov: 890
Strani: 475-488

Fault Diagnosis of Rotation Vector Reducer for Industrial Robot Based on a Convolutional Neural Network

Shuai Yang, Xing Luo, Chuan Li
Ogledov: 1334
Prenosov: 784
Strani: 489-500

Response Analysis of a Scraper Conveyor under Chain Faults Based on MBD-DEM-FEM

Zisheng Wang, Bo Li, Chao Liang, Xuewen Wang, Jiahao Li
Ogledov: 1165
Prenosov: 772
Strani: 501-515

Investigation on the Depth of Slip Hanger Teeth Bite into Casing and the Mechanical Properties of Casing under Different Suspension Loads in Ultra-Deep Wells

Yong Chen, Jinjin Tan, Guoping Xiao
Ogledov: 980
Prenosov: 920
Strani: 516-524

Optimization of Laser Parameters and Dimple Geometry Using PCA-Coupled GRG

Kandasamy Ganesan Saravanan, Rajasekaran Thanigaivelan
Ogledov: 1128
Prenosov: 488
Strani: 525-533

Mechanical Characterization and Structural Attributes of Biohybrid Composites Derived Using Hemp, Bamboo, and Jute Fibres: an Alternative Approach in the Application of Natural Fibres in Automobile Parts

Rajmohan Bose, Arunachalam Kandavel
Ogledov: 954
Prenosov: 604
Strani: 534-544