Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 70 (2024) 3-4

leto 2024, letnik 70, številka 3-4

Experimental Testing System for Adsorption Space Heating

Urška Mlakar, Rok Koželj, Alenka Ristić, Uroš Stritih
Ogledov: 235
Prenosov: 229
Strani: 107-115

Research on the Adaptability of Packers for Integrated String Fracturing Operations in Low Porosity and Low Permeability Reservoirs

Zhiyong Wan, Hao Yu, Yong Xiao, Zhaoyang Zhao, Zhanghua Lian, Fangxin Chen
Ogledov: 225
Prenosov: 266
Strani: 116-127

Service Performance Optimization and Experimental Study of a New W-W Type Non-circular Planetary Gear Train

Changbin Dong, Xudong Yang, Dawei Li, Gang Zhao, Yongping Liu
Ogledov: 220
Prenosov: 258
Strani: 128-140

Transient Flow Characteristics of a Pressure Differential Valve with Different Valve Spool Damping Orifice Structures

Xu Zhang
Ogledov: 234
Prenosov: 269
Strani: 141-158

An Eigenfrequency-Constrained Topology Optimization Method with Design Variable Reduction

Wenchang Liu, Chaohua Wu, Xingan Chen
Ogledov: 210
Prenosov: 213
Strani: 159-169

Forced Vibration of Time-Varying Elevator Traction System

Jie Sun, Peng Xu, MingLi Chen, Jianghong Xue
Ogledov: 151
Prenosov: 200
Strani: 170-180

Nonlinear Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Porous Conical Shells Reinforced with Graphene Nanoplatelets

Xiaolin Huang, Nengguo Wei, Chengzhe Wang, Xuejing Zhang
Ogledov: 301
Prenosov: 297
Strani: 181-193

Design Optimization of Mechanical Valves in Dishwashers Based on the Minimization of Pressure Losses

Furkan Kılavuz, Binnur Goren Kiral
Ogledov: 202
Prenosov: 246
Strani: 194-208