Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 48 (2002) 10

year 2002, volume 48, issue 10

A Simulation of the Cluster-Formation Process in a Dispersion of Fine Particles Under the Influence of an External Magnetic Field

Andrej Pristovnik, Lucija Črepinšek-Lipuš, Jurij Krope
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Pages: 520-527

An Analysis of the Parameters of Reversible Francis-Type Pump Turbines

Milo Mrkić
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Pages: 528-540

The Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage in Aquifers – the Possibility of Application in Slovenia

Uroš Stritih, Sašo Studen, Miha Brenčič, Andrej Lapanje
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Pages: 541-556

Analysis of the Heat Distribution when Grinding of a VT 9 Titanium Alloy and its Relation to Residual Stresses

Miroslav Neslušan, Andrej Cz´´an, Uroš Župerl
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Pages: 557-564