Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 61 (2015) 3

year 2015, volume 61, issue 3

The Effect of Billet Wall Thickness on the Rotary Compression Process for Hollow Parts

Janusz Tomczak, Tomasz Adam Bulzak, Zbigniew Pater
Views: 1902
Downloads: 1129
Pages: 149-156

Investigations on the Effects of Different Tool Edge Geometries in the Finite Element Simulation of Machining

Lei Wan, Dazhong Wang, Yayun Gao
Views: 1999
Downloads: 1131
Pages: 157-166

Deterministic Mathematical Modelling of Platform Performance Degradation in Cyclic Operation Regimes

Nenad Kapor, Momcilo Milinovic, Olivera Jeremic, Dalibor Petrovic
Views: 1971
Downloads: 1065
Pages: 167-175

Selection of Optimum Process Parameters in High Speed CNC End-Milling of Composite Materials Using Meta Heuristic Techniques – a Comparative Study

Vikas Pare, Geeta Agnihotri, Chimata Krishna
Views: 1754
Downloads: 1587
Pages: 176-186

Adaptive Fuzzy-PI Control for Active Front Steering System of Armoured Vehicles: Outer Loop Control Design for Firing On The Move System

Zulkiffli Abd Kadir, Saiful Amri Mazlan, Hairi Zamzuri, Khisbullah Hudha, Noor Hafizah Amer
Views: 2153
Downloads: 1450
Pages: 187-195

Study of an Energy Regeneration System with Accumulator for Hydraulic Impulse Testing Equipment

Zaipeng Man, Fan Ding, Chuan Ding, Shuo Liu
Views: 1780
Downloads: 1844
Pages: 196-206

Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Machine with Self-Cooling Possibilities for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Pavel Ponomarev, Tatiana Minav, Rafael Åman, Lauri Luostarinen
Views: 1985
Downloads: 1482
Pages: 207-213