Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (2021) 1-2

year 2021, volume 67, issue 1-2

Media Flow Analysis of Single-Channel Pre-Mixed Liquid CO2 and MQL in Sustainable Machining

Damir Grguraš, Luka Sterle, Aleš Malneršič, Luka Kastelic, Cedric Courbon, Franci Pušavec
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Pages: 3-10

Relationship between Tire Ground Characteristics and Vibration Noise

Haichao Zhou, Huiyun Li, Chen Liang, Lingxin Zhang, Guolin Wang
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Pages: 11-26

Evaluation of Mechanical, Microstructures and Wear Behaviours of Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Mussel Shell Powder for Automobile Applications

Idawu Yakubu Suleiman, Auwal Kasim, Abdullahi Tanko Mohammed, Munir Zubairu Sirajo
Views: 787
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Pages: 27-35

A Model for Material Strengthening under the Combined Effect of Cavitation-Bubble Collapse and Al2O3 Particles, and Its Test Verification

Lei Liu, Huafeng Guo, Ping Yu
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Pages: 36-44

An Investigation on Laser Welding Parameters on the Strength of TRIP Steel

S Khot Rahul, T Venkateshwara Rao, Natu Harshad, H N Girish, Tadashi Ishigaki, Puttaswamy Madhusudan
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Pages: 45-52

Dynamic Analysis of Hydraulic Support with Single Clearance

Qingliang Zeng, Yangyang Li, Yang Yang
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Pages: 53-66

Demonstration of Interference Patterns by the Random Walk of Particles

Igor Grabec, Nikolaj Sok
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Pages: 67-69