Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 64 (2018) 7-8

year 2018, volume 64, issue 7-8

Hydraulic Actuator Selection for a Compliant Surgical Bone Drill: A Theoretical Approach

Wouter Gregoor, Jenny Dankelman, Christoph Kment, Gabriëlle J.M. Tuijthof
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Pages: 425-436

The Comparison between Two High-Temperature Heat-Pumps for the Production of Sanitary Water

Igor Ivanovski, Darko Goričanec, Julijan Jan Salamunić, Tina Žagar
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Pages: 437-442

An Improved Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method using One-Dimensional CNN and LSTM

Honghu Pan, Xingxi He, Sai Tang, Fanming Meng
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Pages: 443-452

The Influence of External Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Resin-bonded Grinding Wheels

Albin Matavž, József Mursics, Ivan Anzel, Tina Zagar
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Pages: 453-464

Control System Design for a Centrifuge Motion Simulator Based on a Dynamic Model

Jelena Vidaković, Vladimir Kvrgić, Mihailo Lazarević
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Pages: 465-474

A Weighted Gradient Projection Method for Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Manipulators Considering Multiple Performance Criteria

Jun Wan, Jiafeng Yao, Liang'an Zhang, Hongtao Wu
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Pages: 475-487

Influence of Laser Power on Improving the Wear Properties of Laser-Deposited Ti-6Al-4V+B4C Composite

Mutiu F. Erinosho, Esther T. Akinlabi
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Pages: 488-495