Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 54 (2008) 7-8

year 2008, volume 54, issue 7-8

Laser multiple line triangulation system for real-time 3-D monitoring of chest wall during breathing

Matija Jezeršek, Matjaž Fležar, Janez Možina
Views: 284
Downloads: 166
Pages: 503-506

Tailoring functionality and durability of polymeric products by modifying processing conditions

Urška Florjančič, Igor Emri
Views: 316
Downloads: 114
Pages: 507-520

The effects of cutting speed and feed rate on BUE-BUL formation, cutting forces and surface roughness when machining Aa6351 (T6) alloy

Hasan Gokkaya, Ahmet Taskesen
Views: 360
Downloads: 558
Pages: 521-530

Experimental examination of main cutting force and surface roughness dependingon cutting parameters

Ihsan Korkut, Mehmet Boy
Views: 303
Downloads: 181
Pages: 531-538

Modelling and analysis of a combined electronic and micro-mechanical system

Maja Atanasijević-Kunc, Vinko Kunc, Janez Diaci, Rihard Karba
Views: 292
Downloads: 120
Pages: 539-546

Experimental investigations of porosity and permeability of flocs in the suspensions of biological water treatment plants

Boštjana Žajdela, Matjaž Hriberšek, Aleš Hribernik
Views: 405
Downloads: 138
Pages: 547-556

The Research of the Number of Accidents with the Agriculture and Forestry Tractors in the Europe and the Main Reasons for those Accidents

Rajko Bernik, Robert Jerončič
Views: 363
Downloads: 113
Pages: 557-564

Improving repair management of bucket wheel excavator SRs1200 by application of project management concept

Brane Semolič, Petar Jovanović, Vladimir Obradović, Sava Kovačev
Views: 343
Downloads: 240
Pages: 565-573