Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 10

year 2020, volume 66, issue 10

How to Experimentally Monitor the Fatigue Behaviour of Vibrating Mechanical Systems?

Filippo Cianetti
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Pages: 557-566

Numerical Study of Stress Analysis for the Different Widths of Padding Welds

Adam Kulawik, Joanna Wróbel
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Pages: 567-580

Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on the Thermal Stress of Gas Microturbine Blades and Nozzles

Oscar Tenango-Pirin, Elva Reynoso-Jardón, Juan Carlos García, Yahir Mariaca, Yuri Sara Hernández, Raúl Ñeco, Omar Dávalos
Views: 1438
Downloads: 1468
Pages: 581-590

Effect of Blade Coating on a Centrifugal Pump Operation under Sediment-Laden Water Flow

Yong Wang, Zilong Zhang, Jie Chen, Houlin Liu, Xiang Zhang, Marko Hočevar
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Pages: 591-601

Prediction of Strain Limits via the Marciniak-Kuczynski Model and a Novel Semi-Empirical Forming Limit Diagram Model for Dual-Phase DP600 Advanced High Strength Steel

Ilyas Kacar, Fahrettin Ozturk, Serkan Toros, Suleyman Kılıc
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Pages: 602-612

Research on a Noise Reduction Method Based on DTCWT and the Cyclic Singular Energy Difference Spectrum

Xihui Chen, Gang Cheng, Ning Liu, Xinhui Shi, Wei Lou
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Pages: 613-626