Articles in Press

Internal friction of ball bearings at very low temperatures

Jakub Sikorski, Witold Pawlowski
Views: 33
Downloads: 39

Study on Influence of Metallic Powder in Near-Dry Electric Discharge Machining

Sanjay Sundriyal, Vipin Vipin, Ravinderjit Singh Walia
Views: 28
Downloads: 34

Experimental Findings of Batch Drying Chamber for Thin-layer Drying of Leaves

Babu A K, Kumaresan G, Antony Aroul Raj V, Velraj R
Views: 25
Downloads: 12

Gaussian mixture model based classification revisited: Application to the bearing fault classification

Branislav Panić, Jernej Klemenc, Marko Nagode
Views: 20
Downloads: 8

Pitch stability analysis for mechanical-hydraulic-structural-fluid coupling system of high-lift hoist vertical shiplift

Yang Zhang, Duanwei Shi, Tong Xiao, Ji Zhou, Xionghao Cheng
Views: 19
Downloads: 7

Deep stacked auto-encoder network based tool wear monitoring in the face-mill machining process

Nguyen Viet Hung, Nguyen Van Thien, Pham Van Trinh
Views: 26
Downloads: 31