Articles in Press

A New Calculation Method for Instantaneous Efficiency and Torque Fluctuation of Spur Gears

Xin Tian, Guangjian Wang, Yujiang Jiang
Views: 91
Downloads: 52

A modified approach to rack generation of beveloid gears

Berat Gürcan Şentürk, Mahmut Cüneyt Fetvacı
Views: 71
Downloads: 51

Investigation of the titanium alloy turning process with Prime A tools under HPC conditions

Views: 32
Downloads: 20

Multi-performance Optimization of the Rotary Turning Operation for Environmental and Quality Indicators

Tat-Khoa Doan, Trung-Thanh Nguyen, An-Le Van
Views: 24
Downloads: 14

Overview of principles and rules of geometric product specifications according to the current ISO standards

Samo Zupan, Robert Kunc
Views: 23
Downloads: 17

Transient flow characteristics of the pressure differential valve with different valve spool damping orifice structures

Xu Zhang
Views: 10
Downloads: 11

Research on the Adaptability of Packers for Integrated String Fracturing Operations in Low Porosity and Low Permeability Reservoirs

Zhiyong Wan, Hao Yu, Yong Xiao, Zhaoyang Zhao, Zhanghua Lian, Fangxin Chen
Views: 14
Downloads: 12

Transmission Performance Optimization and Experimental Study of a New W-W Type Non-circular Planetary Gear Train Reversing Device

Changbin Dong, Longkun Li, Long Wu, Yongping Liu
Views: 10
Downloads: 11

Multi-response optimization of single point incremental forming of Al 6061 sheet through grey-based response surface methodology

Karthik T, Srinivasan N, Rajenthirakumar D, Sridhar Ramasamy
Views: 77
Downloads: 54

Roughness parameters with statistical analysis and modelling using artificial neural networks after finish milling of magnesium alloys with different edge helix angle tools

Ireneusz Zagórski, Monika Kulisz, Anna Szczepaniak
Views: 67
Downloads: 38

Double-sided upsetting of end thickenings on rod blanks

Do Anh Tu, Chernyaev Aleksey Vladimirovich
Views: 148
Downloads: 70

Improvement of dimensional accuracy of Ti-6Al-4V ripple disc during electric hot incremental sheet forming

Zhengfang Li, Xudong Di, Zhengyuan Gao, Zhiguo An, Shihong Lu
Views: 67
Downloads: 40