Articles in Press

Active vibration control of mechanical servo high speed fine- blanking press

Yanxiong Liu, Yuwen Shu, Wentao Hu, Xinhao Zhao, Zhicheng Xu
Views: 174
Downloads: 131

Determining Optimum Rotary Blade Design for Wind Power Water Pumping System for Local Selected Sites

Abdulbasit Mohammed, Hirpa Gelgele Lemu, Belete Sirahbizu
Views: 30
Downloads: 16

Alignment of modelling and full-field measurement data for material characterisation of planar specimens

Andraž Maček, Janez Urevc, Miroslav Halilovič
Views: 24
Downloads: 17

Ultrasonic scattering attenuation in nodular cast iron: Experimental and simulation studies

Mário João Santos, Jaime Batista Santos
Views: 16
Downloads: 4

Investigation on the modeling and dynamic characteristics of a novel water hydraulic proportional valve driven by Voice Coil Motor

Mingxing Han, Yinshui Liu, Yitao Liao, Shucai Wang
Views: 15
Downloads: 8

Virtual Minimization of Residual Stress and Deflection Error in Five-Axis Milling of Turbine Blades

Mohsen Soori, Mohammed Asmael
Views: 20
Downloads: 9

Operating Performance of Non-Involute Spur and Helical Gears: A Review

Ivan Okorn, Marko Nagode, Jernej Klemenc
Views: 10
Downloads: 6

Dynamic Modeling, Experimental Identification and Computer Simulations of Non-Stationary Vibration in High-Speed Elevators

Radomir Đokić, Jovan Vladić, Milan Kljajin, Vesna Jovanović, Goran Marković, Mirko Karakašić
Views: 13
Downloads: 8

Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Pump Penetration Shell Accounting for Material and Geometric Non-Linearity

Gautham V, Prabhu Raja V, Ebron Shaji GT, Mohanraj S, Thyla PR
Views: 8
Downloads: 7

Dynamic Analysis of Line Gear Pair Based on Numerical Manifold Method

Jiang Ding, Aiping Deng, Liwei Liu, Mengen Lu
Views: 4
Downloads: 2