Articles in Press

Research on attitude analysis of hydraulic support based on column length

Yang Yang, Bowen Xie, Mingfei Mu
Views: 41
Downloads: 31

Multi-response Optimization of GTAW Process Parameters in terms of Energy Efficiency and Quality

An-Le Van, Thai-Chung Nguyen, Huu-Toan Bui, Trung-Thanh Nguyen, Xuan-Ba Dang
Views: 57
Downloads: 39

Experimental attempts of using modulated and unmodulated waves in low-frequency acoustic wave flame extinguishing technology: a review of selected cases

Jacek Wilk-Jakubowski, Grzegorz Wilk-Jakubowski, Valentyna Loboichenko
Views: 58
Downloads: 47

On Experimental Determination of Poisson’s Ratio for Rock-like Materials using Digital Image Correlation

Pino Koc
Views: 47
Downloads: 35

Estimation of Surface Temperature and Heat Flux over a Hollow Cylinder and Slab using Inverse Heat Conduction Approach

APOORVA DEEP ROY, Sushil Kumar Dhiman
Views: 38
Downloads: 18


Zdravko Giljen, Milos Nedeljkovic, Yongguang Cheng
Views: 77
Downloads: 41

Effect of Laser Parameters on Surface Texture of Polyformaldehyde (POM) and Parameter Optimization.

Fengren Li, Chao Li, Juan Zhou, Jiantao He, Jiebin Wang, Cong Luo, Si Li
Views: 61
Downloads: 42

Energy Consumption Analysis Study of Tunnel Laser Deicing Device

Hongwei Yan, Qi Chang, Hailong Niu, Guorui Wang, Pengyang Zhao, Bolong He
Views: 78
Downloads: 44

Evaluation of the condition of the bottom of the tanks for petroleum products- forecast of the remaining operating life

Aleš Povše, Saša Skale, Jelena Vojvodić-Tuma
Views: 43
Downloads: 26

Multi-response optimization of single point incremental forming of Al 6061 sheet through grey-based response surface methodology

Karthik T, Srinivasan N, Rajenthirakumar D, Sridhar Ramasamy
Views: 186
Downloads: 135

Double-sided upsetting of end thickenings on rod blanks

Anh Tu Do, Aleksey Vladimirovich Chernyaev
Views: 50
Downloads: 54