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The loading characteristics of bulk coal in the middle trough and its influence on the rigid body parts

peilin zhang, Bo Li, Xuewen Wang, Chaoyang Liu, Wenjie Bi, Haozhou Ma
Views: 32
Downloads: 10

The influence of machining parameters on the surface porosity of a closed-cell aluminium foam

Boštjan Razboršek, Janez Gotlih, Timi Karner, Mirko Ficko
Views: 6
Downloads: 4

Transient Flow of Liquid in Plastic Pipes

Kamil Urbanowicz, Huan-Feng Duan, Anton Bergant
Views: 8
Downloads: 3

Uneven Load Contact Dynamic Modeling and Transmission Error Analysis of 2K-V Reducer with Eccentricity Excitation

Guangjian Wang, Li Su, Shuaidong Zou
Views: 0
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Heat dissipation from stationary passenger car brake discs

Stergios Topouris, Dragan D Stamenković, Michel Olphe-Galliard, Vladimir M Popović, Marko Tirovic
Views: 179
Downloads: 107

Design and Performance Analysis of Airbag-Soft-Manipulator According to Characteristic Parameters

Peng Liu, Yonghong Liu, Ke Wang, Xiaoxuan Wei, Chao Xin, Xinlei Wu
Views: 110
Downloads: 56

Stress analysis of pipeline as hydropower plants structural element

Stefan Goran Culafic, Tasko Maneski, Darko Bajic
Views: 295
Downloads: 79

Overheating Reduction in Lightweight Framed Buildings with Application of Phase Change Materials

Eva Zavrl, Gašper Zupanc, Uroš Stritih, Mateja Dovjak
Views: 80
Downloads: 48

Quality of the surface texture and mechanical properties of FDM printed samples after thermal and chemical treatment

Tomasz Kozior, Al Mamun, Marah Trabelsi, Lilia Sabantina, Andrea Ehrmann
Views: 49
Downloads: 30

A cyber-physical approach to the management and control of manufacturing systems

Elvis Hozdić, Dominik Kozjek, Peter Butala
Views: 35
Downloads: 23