Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 11

year 2020, volume 66, issue 11

Temperature and Heat Partition Testing in the Cutting Zone for Turning AISI 321 Steel

Marian Bartoszuk
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Pages: 629-641

Fundamentals of Odour Assessment in Slovenia

Martin Dobeic, Vincenc Butala, Matjaž Prek, Jan Leskovšek, Žiga Švegelj
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Pages: 642-654

A Loaded Analysis Method for RV Cycloidal-pin Transmission Based on the Minimum Energy Principle

Tianxing Li, Hang Xu, Meng Tian
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Pages: 655-667

Research on the Performance of a New External Occlusion Device for Pressure Vessel Leakage

Hongwei Yan, Xiong Yang, Xiangrong Hou, Lu Wang, Pengcheng Li
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Pages: 668-676

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Cascade Heat Pump Incorporated in High-Temperature Heating System

Nedžad Rudonja, Milan Gojak, Ivan Zlatanović, Ružica Todorović
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Pages: 677-683