Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (2022) 2

year 2022, volume 68, issue 2

Cavitation Erosion Modelling on a Radial Divergent Test Section Using RANS

Luka Kevorkijan, Luka Lešnik, Ignacijo Biluš
Views: 314
Downloads: 146
Pages: 71-81

Novel Unsteady State Method of Measuring Permeability Tested on Fabric Materials

Anze Sitar
Views: 298
Downloads: 123
Pages: 82-89

Nonlinear Coupled Dynamic Modelling of Driver-seat-cab System and Biomechanical Behaviour Prediction

Leilei Zhao, Yuewei Yu, Jianhu Cao, Weiwei Zhou
Views: 302
Downloads: 220
Pages: 90-100

The Measurement of the Wear of Tie Rod End Components

Marek Wozniak, Adam Rylski, Krzysztof Siczek
Views: 314
Downloads: 136
Pages: 101-125

Simulation and Experimental Research on Electrical Control Anti-backlash Based on a Novel Type of Variable Tooth Thickness Involute Gear Pair

Guangjian Wang, Dongdong Zhu, Shuaidong Zou, Yujiang Jiang, Xin Tian
Views: 510
Downloads: 193
Pages: 126-140