Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 69 (2023) 7-8

year 2023, volume 69, issue 7-8

The Dynamics of Tapered-roller Bearings – A Bottom-up Validation Study

Matej Razpotnik, Thomas Bischof, Miha Boltežar
Views: 218
Downloads: 329
Pages: 289-298

Applying Parametric Analysis in Enhancing Performance for Double-Layer Scissor Lifts

Anh-Tuan Dang, Dang-Viet Nguyen, Dinh-Ngoc Nguyen
Views: 223
Downloads: 234
Pages: 299-307

Machining of Hard-to-cut AISI 4462 Duplex Stainless Steel with an Environmentally Friendly Approach with Vortex Tube

Fikret Sönmez
Views: 212
Downloads: 234
Pages: 308-316

Inventory Risk Decision-Making Techniques Using Customer Behaviour Analysis

Ivan Marc, Tomaž Berlec
Views: 176
Downloads: 208
Pages: 317-325

Finite Element Analysis of Notch Depth and Angle in Notch Shear Cutting of Stainless-Steel Sheet

Kaan Emre Engin
Views: 191
Downloads: 214
Pages: 326-338

Recent Advancement via Experimental Investigation of the Mechanical Characteristics of Sisal and Juncus Fibre-Reinforced Bio-Composites

Benchaabane Chaouki, Kirad Abdkader, Aissani Mouloud
Views: 158
Downloads: 203
Pages: 339-351

Effect of Vibrator Parameters and Physical Characteristics of Parts on Conveying Velocity

Vishwa Priya Vellingiri, Udhayakumar Sadasivam
Views: 236
Downloads: 279
Pages: 352-363