Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 9

year 2020, volume 66, issue 9

Convective Drying of Sewage Sludge Layer in Through-flow

Andraž Lipolt, Brane Širok, Marko Hočevar, Lovrenc Novak
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Pages: 481-493

Microstructure and Property Modification of Cold Sprayed Coatings Using Different Grain Sizes of Cr3C2-25(Ni20Cr) Composite Powder

Anna Trelka, Wojciech Żórawski, Anna Góral
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Pages: 494-504

Bristle Motion, Forces, and Related Vertical Translation for a Novel Electric Toothbrush Design

Frank Goldschmidtboeing, Uwe Pelz, Karen Claire-Zimmet, Michael Wolf, Ralf Goerlach, Peter Woias
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Pages: 505-512

Research on the Lubrication Characteristics of Harmonic Gear Transmission Meshing Area

Xiangyang Xu, Xupeng Fan, Peitang Wei, Baojun Yang
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Pages: 513-522

Dynamic Instability of a Wind Turbine Blade Due to Large Deflections: An Experimental Validation

Andres Lopez-Lopez, Jose Billerman Robles-Ocampo, Perla Yazmin Sevilla-Camacho, Orlando Lastres-Danguillecourt, Jesús Muniz, Bianca Yadira Perez-Sariñana, Sergio de la Cruz
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Pages: 523-533

Enhancing the Optimization of the Selection of a Product Service System Scheme: A Digital Twin-Driven Framework

Yan Li, Lianhui Li
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Pages: 534-543

Numerical Analysis with Experimental Validation of Single-Phase Fluid Flow in a Dimple Pattern Heat Exchanger Channel

Urban Močnik, Bogdan Blagojevič, Simon Muhič
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Pages: 544-553