Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 4

year 2020, volume 66, issue 4

Gaussian Mixture Model Based Classification Revisited: Application to the Bearing Fault Classification

Branislav Panić, Jernej Klemenc, Marko Nagode
Views: 3240
Downloads: 3655
Pages: 215-226

Deep Stacked Auto-Encoder Network Based Tool Wear Monitoring in the Face Milling Process

VanThien Nguyen, VietHung Nguyen, VanTrinh Pham
Views: 1852
Downloads: 2188
Pages: 227-234

Internal Friction of Ball Bearings at Very Low Temperatures

Jakub Sikorski, Witold Pawlowski
Views: 1946
Downloads: 1513
Pages: 235-242

Study on the Influence of Metallic Powder in Near-Dry Electric Discharge Machining

Sanjay Sundriyal, Vipin Vipin, Ravinderjit Singh Walia
Views: 1750
Downloads: 950
Pages: 243-253

Experimental Investigations of Thin-layer Drying of Leaves in a Heat-Pump Assisted Tray-type Batch Drying Chamber

A. K. Babu, G. Kumaresan, V. Antony Aroul Raj, R. Velraj
Views: 2076
Downloads: 2633
Pages: 254-265

Pitch Stability Analysis for Mechanical-Hydraulic-Structural-Fluid Coupling System of High-Lift Hoist Vertical Shiplift

Yang Zhang, Duanwei Shi, Tong Xiao, Ji Zhou, Xionghao Cheng
Views: 1678
Downloads: 1381
Pages: 266-275