Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 61 (2015) 2

year 2015, volume 61, issue 2

Statistical Evaluation of the Corrosive Wear of Fuel Injector Elements Used in Common Rail Systems

Karol Franciszek Abramek, Tomasz Stoeck, Tomasz Osipowicz
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Pages: 91-98

Study of Stability of Precise Tiled-grating Device

Yunfei Liao, Yi Zhou, Youhai Liu, Dong Zuo, Bo Tan
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Pages: 99-106

Estimation of Transient Temperature Distribution during Quenching, via a Parabolic Model

Diego E. Lozano, Gabriela Martinez-Cazares, Rafael David Mercado-Solis, Rafael Colás, George E. Totten
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Pages: 107-114

Modelling and Analysis of Step Response Test for Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control

Jiangang Yi
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Pages: 115-122

Failure Prediction of Cross-Ply Laminated Double-Serial Mechanically Fastened Composites using Fuzzy Expert System

Serkan Balli, Faruk Sen
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Pages: 123-130

Effect of Initial Residual Stress and Machining-Induced Residual Stress on the Deformation of Aluminium Alloy Plate

Xiaoming Huang, Jie Sun, Jianfeng Li
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Pages: 131-137

The Mechanical Properties of Moulded and Thermoformed Denture Resins

Sebastian Baloš, Mladomir Milutinović, Michal Potran, Jelena Vuletić, Tatjana Puškar, Tomaž Pepelnjak
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Pages: 138-145