Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (2022) 5

year 2022, volume 68, issue 5

Measuring the Efficiency of Reduction Gearboxes for Electric Utility Vehicles during Specific Driving Cycles

Tomas Petr, Josef Brousek, Jakub Jezek, Tomas Zvolsky, Robert Vozenilek
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Pages: 303-313

Switch Semi-Active Control of the Floating Raft Vibration Isolation System

Zeyu Weng, Shengli Liu, Teqi Xu, Xiaoyu Wu, Zhe Wang, Jie Tang
Views: 172
Downloads: 123
Pages: 314-324

Effect of Vibration and Noise Measuring Points Distribution on the Sensitivity of Pump Cavitation Diagnosis

Runze Zhou, Hui Chen, Liang Dong, Houlin Liu, Zeyu Chen, Yuhang Zhang, Zhiming Cheng
Views: 117
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Pages: 325-338

Optimization of Tuned Mass Damper Location for Enhanced Chatter Suppression in Thin-wall Milling

Mohanraj Selvakumar, Prabhu Raja Venugopal, Gautham Velayudhan
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Pages: 339-349

Fatigue Life Prediction of Butt Weld Joint with Weld Defects at Multiple Locations

Ebron Shaji, Prabhu Raja Venugopal, Gautham Velayudhan, Mohanraj Selvakumar
Views: 158
Downloads: 135
Pages: 350-358

Multi-Response Optimization of the Tribological Behaviour of PTFE-Based Composites via Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis

Musa Alhaji Ibrahim, Hüseyin Çamur, Mahmut A. Savaş, Alhassan Kawu Sabo
Views: 224
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Pages: 359-367

Numerical Analysis on a Constant Rate of Kinetic Energy Change Based a Two-Stage Ejector-Diffuser System

Virendra Kumar, Anil Kumar, Surendra Kumar Yadav, Anshul Yadav, Lalta Prasad, Jerzy Adam Winczek
Views: 239
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Pages: 368-373