Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 41 (1995) 11-12

year 1995, volume 41, issue 11-12

Laser Heat Treatment of Gray and Nodular Irons

Janez Grum, Roman Šturm
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Pages: 371-380

Automatic System Against Arcs in electrical Discharge Machining- Sinking (EDM-3A)

Mark Otto, Marjan Dobovšek, Miha Junkar
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Pages: 381-387

The Decisive Criteria in Design of Tool Making

Janez Kopač
Views: 361
Downloads: 123
Pages: 388-396

Industrial Cladding of Stainless Steel to Low Carbon Steel by Explosion

Stojadin Petrović, Ladislav Kosec, Branko Mateša, Vuk Petrović, Bratislav Petrović
Views: 372
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Pages: 397-406