Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 52 (2006) 7-8

year 2006, volume 52, issue 7-8

Using Neural Networks to Follow the Wear of a S390 Twist Drill

Zdravko Krivokapić, Vukasin Zogović, Obrad Spaić
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Pages: 437-442

The Effect of Pressure Fluctuations on the Cutting Ability of Pure Water Jet

Michele Monno, Chara Ravasio
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Pages: 443-450

Heat Generation During Abrasive Water-Jet Osteotomies Measured by Thermocouples

Christian Biskup, Manuel Höver, Ralf Versemann, Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, Stefam Krömer, Ludger Kirsch, Arnim Andreae, Frank Pude, Stephan Schmolke
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Pages: 451-457

Hybrid Dry-Ice Blasting Laser Processing: Nd-YAG-Laser-assisted Dry-Ice Blasting for De-Coating

Eckart Uhlmann, Robert Hollan, Adil El Mernissi
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Pages: 458-462

Cutting Performance and Obtainable Quality when Applying 6000-Bar Abrasive Water-Jets

Holger Werth, Waldemar Hiller, Christoph Luetge, Joerg Peter Koerner, Frank Pude, Inge Lefevre, Roland Lefevre
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Pages: 463-469

Investigation and Development of a Fiber-Optic Vibrometer for Use in Totally Implantable Hearing Aids

Zoran Djinović, Sladjan Mitić, Miloš Tomić, Aleksandar Vujanić, Dušan Vujanić, Mathias Cordes
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Pages: 470-476

Implementation of Information Technology for the Purpose of Quality Management System Improvement

Aleksandar Vujović, Zdravko Krivokapić
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Pages: 477-483

Mechanical Micro-Machining Using Milling, Wire EDM, Die-Sinking EDM and Diamond Turning

Alberto Herrero, Igor Goenaga, Sabino Azcarate, Luis Uriarte, Atanas Ivanov, Andrew Rees, Christian Wenzel, Claas Müller
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Pages: 484-494

Microforming Current Status and Future Demands

Stefan Geißdörfer, Alexander Putz, Ulf Engel
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Pages: 495-505

Integrated Design of Mycro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

Matthieu Museau, Cedric Masclet
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Pages: 506-514

The Twelve Death Signs for a Growing Manufacturing Company

Paul Levy, David Knowles, Chris Stagg, Mihael Junkar
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Pages: 515-525

The Role of Virtual Networks in a Virtual Enterprise

George Dragoi, Costel Emil Cotet, Luminita Rosu, Sebastian Marius Rosu
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Pages: 526-531

An Introduction to the Diagnosis of the Delamination Process for Glass/Epoxy Composites During High-Pressure Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting

Andrzej Karpiński
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Pages: 532-538

Characterization of a Pure Water-Jet Cleaning Process Process Simulation

Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, Hartmut Louis, Ralf Versemann, Alexander Schenk
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Pages: 539-545

The Constructive and Geometrical Optimization of the Junctions in Structures Made from Laminated Composite Materials

Anton Hadăr, Mariana N. Nica, Ioan N. Constantinescu, Ştefan Dan Pastramă
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Pages: 546-551