Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 65 (2019) 2

year 2019, volume 65, issue 2

A Cyber-Physical System for Surface Roughness Monitoring in End-Milling

Uros Zuperl, Franci Čuš
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Pages: 67-77

An Analysis of the Surface Geometric Structure and Geometric Accuracy of Cylindrical Gear Teeth Manufactured with the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Method

Jadwiga Małgorzata Pisula, Grzegorz Budzik, Łukasz Przeszłowski
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Pages: 78-86

Multi-Objective Optimization of the Dressing Parameters in Fine Cylindrical Grinding

Irina Stefanova Aleksandrova
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Pages: 87-102

Numerical and Experimental Study of a Novel Valve Using the Return Stream Energy to Adjust the Speed of a Hydraulic Actuator

Grzegorz Filo, Edward Lisowski, Dominik Kwiatkowski, Janusz Rajda
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Pages: 103-112

A Novel Approach for Identifying Gas Cavitation in Oil Jet Pumps for Lubrication Systems

Jun Zhang, Peiyong Ma, Shuyi Gan, Xianguo Hu, Shunsen Wang
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Pages: 113-122

Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Modified Multiscale Entropy and Global Distance Evaluation for the Valve Fault of a Reciprocating Compressor

Ying Li, Jin Dong Wang, Hai Yang Zhao, Mei Ping Song, Ling Fei Ou
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Pages: 123-135