Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 6

year 2020, volume 66, issue 6

Influence of Local Porosity on the Mechanical Properties of Direct Metal Laser-Sintered 1.2709 Alloy

István Hatos, Imre Fekete, Dóra Harangozó, Hajnalka Hargitai
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Pages: 351-357

Mechanism Research and Discussion of the Quality of Precision Machining of a Fifth-order Variable-diameter Pipe Using Abrasive Flow

Junye Li, Lixiong Wang, Hengfu Zhang, Jinglei Hu, Xinming Zhang, Weihong Zhao
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Pages: 358-374

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Improved Shearing Process with Different Punch Characteristics

Mahmoud Gomah, Murat Demiral
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Pages: 375-384

A Transient Feature Learning-Based Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for Planetary Gearboxes

Bo Qin, Zixian Li, Yan Qin
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Pages: 385-394

Peak Temperature Correlation and Temperature Distribution during Joining of AZ80A Mg Alloy by FSW – A Numerical and Experimental Investigation

P Sevvel, S.D. Dhanesh Babu, R. Senthil Kumar
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Pages: 395-407

Structural Analysis and Size Optimization of a Fine-Blanking Press Frame Based on Sensitivity Analysis

Xinhao Zhao, Yanxiong Liu, Lin Hua, Huajie Mao
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Pages: 408-417