Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 64 (2018) 12

year 2018, volume 64, issue 12

A Study on the Plasma Actuator Electrode Geometry Configurations for Improvement of the Aerodynamic Performance of an Airfoil

Hürrem Akbıyık, Hakan Yavuz, Yahya Erkan Akansu
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Pages: 719-725

Research on the Microscopic Mechanism of the Bond Breakage of Cemented Carbide Tools

Jinguo Chen, Minli Zheng, Yushuang Sun, Wei Zhang, Pengfei Li
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Pages: 726-742

LDM COMPACT – A Methodology for Development of Gas Engines for Use with Low Environmental Impact Non-Natural Gas

Igor Šauperl, Andreas Wimmer, Dimitar Dimitrov, Jan Zelenka, Gerhard Pirker, Eduard Schnessl, Hubert Winter
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Pages: 743-752

The Importance of Friction Coefficient between Vehicle Tyres and Concrete Safety Barrier to Vehicle Rollover – FE Analysis Study

Jovan Trajkovski, Miha Ambrož, Robert Kunc
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Pages: 753-762

Effects of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies on Manufacturing Company Performance

Jasna Prester, Borut Buchmeister, Iztok Palčič
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Pages: 763-771

Buckling Analysis of Axially Functionally Graded Tapered Nanobeams Resting on Elastic Foundations, Based on Nonlocal Elasticity Theory

Ma'en Sari, Wael G. Al-Kouz, Anas Atieh
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Pages: 772-782