Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 62 (2016) 2

year 2016, volume 62, issue 2

Manufacturing and Properties of a Magnesium Interpenetrating Phase Composite

Matej Steinacher, Borut Žužek, Darja Jenko, Primož Mrvar, Franc Zupanič
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Pages: 79-85

An Improved Quasi-Dynamic Analytical Method to Predict Skidding in Roller Bearings under Conditions of Extremely Light Loads and Whirling

Junning Li, Wei Chen, Libo Zhang, Taofeng Wang
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Pages: 86-94

Taking in Account Measuring Errors of Volume Conversion Devices in Measuring of the Volume of Natural Gas

Franc Cimerman, Matej Jarm, Branko Širok, Bogdan Blagojevič
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Pages: 95-104

Investigation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Effects during Transient Flows in a Pipeline

Ali Majd, Ahmad Ahmadi, Alireza Keramat
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Pages: 105-115

Analysis of the Influence of Pavement Irregularities on the Lifespan of a Vehicle’s Drive-Wheel Half Shaft

Sreten Simović, Vladimir Popović, Milanko Damjanović
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Pages: 116-126

Design and Analysis of Double-side Meshing and Dual-phase Driving Timing Silent Chain System

Yabing Cheng, Shuaibing Yin, Xiaopeng Wang, Lichi An, Huan Liu
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Pages: 127-136

WEDM Manufacturing Method for Noncircular Gears, Using CAD/CAM Software

César García-Hernández, Rafael María Gella-Marín, José-Luis Huertas-Talón, Nikolaos Efkolidis, Panagiotis Kyratsis
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Pages: 137-144