Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 42 (1996) 11-12

year 1996, volume 42, issue 11-12

Development of a Mathematical Model for Calculation of Melting Rate in Welding with a Multiple-Wire Electrode

Janez Tušek
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Pages: 329-342

Analysis of Periodic Circular Wood Tissue Cutting Process Stability

Bojan Bučar
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Pages: 343-350

Equipment and Methods for Ultrasonic Fatigue Evaluation of Metals

Anton Puškar, Otokar Bukovka, Peter Palček, Gianni Nicoletto
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Pages: 351-362

Strategic Management of Technological Change on the Example of Factory of Metal Equipment PRIMAT Maribor

Erih Štefanec, Andrej Polajnar
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Pages: 363-370

Laser High Technology: a Manufacturer’s Viewpoint

Matjaž Lukač
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Pages: 371-376

Professional Council in the Trimo Ltd. Company – our Approach to Improving the Managerial and Professional Cooperation

Aleš Bulc, Slivo Štih, Danijel Župančič
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Pages: 377-383