Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 62 (2016) 3

year 2016, volume 62, issue 3

Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Testing of Adhesively Bonded Joints in Glass Façades

Bor Mojškerc, Tomaž Kek, Janez Grum
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Pages: 147-153

Experimental Study Regarding the Cavitation and Corrosion Resistance of Stellite 6 and Self-Fluxing Remelted Coatings

Costel Relu Ciubotariu, Evelina Secosan, Gabriela Marginean, Doina Frunzaverde, Viorel Constantin Campian
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Pages: 154-162

Design of Lyapunov Based Nonlinear Position Control of Electrohydraulic Servo Systems

Edvard Detiček, Mitja Kastrevc
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Pages: 163-170

Analysis of the Effect of Process Parameters on Part Wall Thickness Variation in Conventional Metal Spinning of Cr-Mn Austenitic Stainless Steels

Peter Šugár, Jana Šugárová, Ján Petrovič
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Pages: 171-178

Mineral Wool Primary Layer Formation in Collecting Chamber

Benjamin Bizjan, Marko Peternelj, Branko Širok
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Pages: 179-186

Nonlinear Response of Cantilever Beams Due to Large Geometric Deformations: Experimental Validation

Claudia Aide González-Cruz, Juan Carlos Jauregui-Correa, Gilberto Herrera-Ruiz
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Pages: 187-196

Influence of Non-Productive Operations on Product Quality

Peter Eniko, Mirko Soković, Davorin Kramar
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Pages: 197-204