Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 69 (2023) 5-6

year 2023, volume 69, issue 5-6

A Case Study of a Methodological Approach to the Verification of UAV Propeller Performance

Goran Vorotović, Jela Burazer, Aleksandar Bengin, Časlav Mitrović, Miloš Januzović, Nebojša Petrović, Djordje Novković
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Pages: 199-207

A Study Using the Hybrid Fuzzy AHP&TOPSIS Method in the Conversion of a LEED-Certified Education Building into a Nearly Zero-Energy Building in a Cold Climate

Ali Celik, Bayram Sahin, Eyüphan Manay, Abit Balin
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Pages: 208-223

The Dynamic Behaviour of Symmetrical Laminated Nano-composite Containing Equal Numbers of Glass and Carbon Fibre Layers

Ava A.K. Mohammed, Gailan Ismail Hassan, Younis Khalid Khdir
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Pages: 224-234

Experimental Study and Numerical Analysis on Windage Power Loss Characteristics of Aviation Spiral Bevel Gear with Oil Injection Lubrication

Linlin Li, Sanmin Wang
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Pages: 235-247

Prioritizing the Key Actors of an Organization for Business Excellence Using the Efficient Interpretive Ranking Process

Sumit Kumar, Pardeep Gupta
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Pages: 248-260

An Improved MSCNN and GRU Model for Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Teng Wang, Youfu Tang, Tao Wang, Na Lei
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Pages: 261-274

Wear Behaviour of a Cu-Ni-Sn Hybrid Composite Reinforced with B4C prepared by Powder Metallurgy Technique

Haiter Lenin Allasi, Mary Vasanthi Soosaimariyan, Vettivel Singaravel Chidambaranathan
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Pages: 275-283

Diffusion Equation Generalized for Modeling of Chladni Patterns

Igor Grabec, Nikolaj Sok
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Pages: 284-286