Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 41 (1995) 7-8

year 1995, volume 41, issue 7-8

Sensor for Indirect Pressure Measuring in a Cylinder

Frančišek Bizjan, Radislav Pavletič
Views: 1576
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Pages: 211-218

Thermo-Hydraulic Conditions of Laminar Fluid Flow in Narrow Channels

Marjan Delić, Leopold Škerget, Ivan Žagar, Ferdinand Trenc
Views: 1727
Downloads: 1145
Pages: 219-228

Comparison of Zero- and One-Dimensional Methods for Simulation of the Process in Turbocharged Diesel Engines

Aleš Hribernik, Gorazd Bombek
Views: 1639
Downloads: 1105
Pages: 229-238

A New Method of Load Collective Scatter Determination for the Purpose of Calculation of Reliabillity

Janko Kernc, Matija Fajdiga
Views: 1893
Downloads: 1238
Pages: 239-246

Problems of Bus Body Strength Verification During ECE 66 Roll Over Test

Bojan Muršič, Robert Kunc, Matjaž Jenko, Matija Fajdiga, Tomaž Jurejevičič
Views: 1880
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Pages: 247-256

Experiment Design for Structures Loading State Determination

Marko Nagode, Matija Fajdiga
Views: 2051
Downloads: 1069
Pages: 257-262

Rationalization of Series Production by Applying the Principles of Type Technology

Andrej Polajnar, Borut Buchmeister, Marjan Leber
Views: 1667
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Pages: 263-270

A Precise Method of Rotational Connection Carrying Capacity Calculation on Transportation Machines

Samo Zupan, Ivan Prebil, Katarina Drobnič
Views: 1849
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Pages: 271-280

Evaluation of Vehicle Passive Safety Systems at Low Speeds

Djordje Žebeljan
Views: 1565
Downloads: 1028
Pages: 281-288