Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 69 (2023) 3-4

year 2023, volume 69, issue 3-4

Effects of Single/Compound Pit Texture on the Friction-induced Vibration and Noise of Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Yueyong Wang, Yimin Zhang, Yibing Wang, Risheng Long
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Pages: 87-99

Inverse Curves – Research on Two Quondam Inversor Mechanisms

Alina Duta, Iulian Popescu, Ionut - Daniel Geonea, Simona - Mariana Cretu, Ludmila Sass, Dragos - Laurentiu Popa
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Pages: 100-118

Influence Analysis and Performance Optimization of a Pneumatic Actuator Exhaust Utilization System

Qihui Yu, Fengqi Li, Xin Tan
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Pages: 119-134

Effect of the Curvature Angle in a Conduit with an Adiabatic Cylinder over a Backward Facing Step on the Magnetohydrodynamic Behaviour in the Presence of a Nanofluid

Djamila Derbal, Mohamed Bouzit, Abderrahim Mokhefi, Fayçal Bouzit
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Pages: 135-154

Impacts of Burnishing Variables on the Quality Indicators in a Single Diamond Burnishing Operation

Minh-Thai Le, An Le Van, Trung-Thanh Nguyen
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Pages: 155-168

Thermal Investigations on a CNC Lathe Fitted with a Dynamically Enhanced Steel-Reinforced Epoxy Granite Bed

Mula Venkata Ramana, Pudukarai Ramaswamy Thyla, Elango Subramanian, Shanmugam Chinnuraj
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Pages: 169-184

Design of a Self-Folding Composite Variable-Diameter Wheel Structure based on 4D Printing Technology

Wencai Zhang, Zhenghao Ge, DuanLing Li
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Pages: 185-195