Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 61 (2015) 4

year 2015, volume 61, issue 4

Identification of Out-of-Plane Material Characteristics through Sheet-Metal Blanking

Špela Bolka, Janko Slavič, Miha Boltežar
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Pages: 217-226

Mechanical Characteristics of Two Environmentally Friendly Resins Reinforced with Flax Fibers

Dario Croccolo, Massimiliano De Agostinis, Stefano Fini, Alfredo Liverani, Nicolò Marinelli, Eugenio Nisini, Giorgio Olmi
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Pages: 227-236

Design Method of Dual Phase Hy-Vo Silent Chain Transmission System

Yabing Cheng, Yang Wang, Lei Li, Shuaibing Yin, Lichi An, Xiaopeng Wang
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Pages: 237-244

Surface Roughness Control Simulation of Turning Processes

Franci Čuš, Uroš Župerl
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Pages: 245-253

BEM-Based Algorithm for URANS Simulations of Flow over a Square Cylinder

Janez Lupše, Leopold Škerget, Jure Ravnik
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Pages: 254-264

Research on the Position-Pressure Master-Slave Control for a Rolling Shear Hydraulic Servo System

Jun Wang, Yu Bin Sun, Xue Qing Huang, Zhou Hong Li, Yong He Han
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Pages: 265-272

Study of an Annular Two-Phase Thermosyphon Used as an Isothermal Source in Thermometry

Florencio Sánchez-Silva, Ignacio Carvajal-Mariscal, Ariel E. Moreno-Cordobés, Pedro Quinto-Diez, Miguel Toledo-Velázquez
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Pages: 273-282