Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 64 (2018) 3

year 2018, volume 64, issue 3

A Weighted Mean Square Error Approach to the Robust Optimization of the Surface Roughness in an AISI 12L14 Free-Machining Steel-Turning Process

Fabrício Alves de Almeida, Guilherme Ferreira Gomes, Vinícius Renó De Paula, João Éderson Corrêa, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, José Henrique de Freitas Gomes, João Batista Turrioni
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Pages: 147-156

Investigation of the Energy Regeneration and Control Strategy of a Crane Hoisting System

Yi-long Chen, Jilin He, Kang Wu, Yu-ming Zhao, Zhi-jie Wang
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Pages: 157-168

Wear Rate vs Dynamic and Material Properties at Elevated Temperatures for a Copper-Graphite Brush

Aleš Turel, Janko Slavič, Miha Boltežar
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Pages: 169-175

Impact of LNG Vapor Dispersion on Evacuation Routes inside LNG Terminals

Goran Stanković, Stojan Petelin, Peter Vidmar, Marko Perkovič
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Pages: 176-184

A Novel Dorsal Trimline Approach for Passive-Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Hasan Kemal Surmen, Nazif Ekin Akalan, Mahmut Cuneyt Fetvaci, Yunus Ziya Arslan
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Pages: 185-194

Exergetic Performance Prediction of a Roughened Solar Air Heater Using Artificial Neural Network

Harish Kumar Ghritlahre, Radha Krishna Prasad
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Pages: 194-206