Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (2022) 7-8

year 2022, volume 68, issue 7-8

Short-term Creep Behaviour of Different Polymers Used in Additive Manufacturing under Different Thermal and Loading Conditions

Oguz Dogan
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Pages: 451-460

Preparation and Thermal Characterization of Nanographene- Enhanced Fatty Acid-Based Solid-Liquid Organic Phase Change Material Composites for Thermal Energy Storage

Ragul Kumar Kittusamy, Velavan Rajagopal, Paul Gregory Felix
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Pages: 461-470

Optimization of in-Vehicle Carbon Dioxide Level in a 5-Seat Car

Prabhakaran Jayasankar, Jayabal Subbaian
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Pages: 471-484

Optimization in the Resistant Spot-Welding Process of AZ61 Magnesium Alloy

Davood Afshari, Ali Ghaffari, Zuheir Barsoum
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Pages: 485-492

Effect of Dual-stage Ageing and RRA Treatment on the Three-body Abrasive Wear of the AW7075 Alloy

Marzena Lachowicz, Tadeusz Leśniewski, Maciej Lachowicz
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Pages: 493-505

Nitriding HS6-5-2 Steel in Inductively Coupled Plasma

Marek Binienda, Robert Pietrasik, Sylwester Paweta, Krzysztof Matczak, Witold Krotewicz
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Pages: 506-513