Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (2022) 11

year 2022, volume 68, issue 11

Production of the Design Developed to Assembly Filter Parts, Optimization of Welding and Field Test

Hakan Maden, Kerim Çetinkaya
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Pages: 657-668

Rigid-hyperelastic Coupling Dynamic Model and Dynamic Characteristics of Spring type of Traction Robot

Jianguo Zhao, Binfan Wang, Qingyou Liu, Guorong Wang, Xiangfeng Zeng
Views: 64
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Pages: 669-682

Optimization Techniques for Green Layout Design in Manufacturing Industries: A Meta-Heuristic Analysis

Sheik Sulaiman Sherfudeen, Muthiah Athinamilagi, Janakiraman Venkataramanujam
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Pages: 683-692

Effect of Tool Geometry in Stir Zone for Hook Formation of Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys: A Parametric Investigation on Metallurgical and Mechanical Characteristics

Nandakumar Navaneethakannan, Periyasamy Sivanandi, Balakrishnan Somasekaran
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Pages: 693-701

Experimental Research on Transmission Characteristics of Elliptic Gear Transmission Systems

Changbin Dong, Wangpeng Pei, Yongping Liu, Yongqiao Wei, Dawei Li, Rui Guo, Zhongtao Ren
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Pages: 702-712

Comparison of Load-Carrying Capacity, Wear, and Resource of Metal-Polymer Corrected Spur Gears with a Gear Made of Polyamides РА6 or PA6+30CF

Myron Chernets, Marek Opielak, Anatolii Kornienko
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Pages: 713-721