Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (2022) 10

year 2022, volume 68, issue 10

Scalability Solutions in Blockchain-Supported Manufacturing: A Survey

Nejc Rožman, Marko Corn, Gašper Škulj, Janez Diaci, Primož Podržaj
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Downloads: 722
Pages: 585-609

New Device Proposed For Industrial Measurement of Rolling Bearing Friction Torque

Mateusz Wrzochal, Stanisław Adamczak, Ryszard Domagalski, Grzegorz Piotrowicz, Sylwester Wnuk
Views: 705
Downloads: 587
Pages: 610-622

The Nickel Aluminide Coatings Obtained on Small Holes Produced with the EDD Method

Marcin Trajer, Łukasz Pyclik, Jerzy Robert Sobiecki
Views: 680
Downloads: 777
Pages: 623-634

Thermal Evaluation of Multilayer Wall with a Hat-Stringer in Aircraft Design

Volodymyr Brazhenko, Yibo Qiu, Jiancheng Cai, Dongyun Wang
Views: 743
Downloads: 646
Pages: 635-641

Development of a New Expert System for Diagnosing Marine Diesel Engines Based on Real-Time Diagnostic Parameters

Hla Gharib, György Kovács
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Pages: 642-653