Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2020) 7-8

year 2020, volume 66, issue 7-8

Needleless Electrospinning of PA6 Fibers: The Effect of Solution Concentration and Electrospinning Voltage on Fiber Diameter

Alexandra Aulova, Marko Bek, Leonid Kossovich, Igor Emri
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Pages: 421-430

A New Design Solution for Aircraft Wheels that Reduces Overpressure in the Tire while Retaining its Absorption Power and its Dimensions

Dalibor Petrovic, Marjan Dodic, Nenad Kapor
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Pages: 431-438

Characterization of the Bonding Zone in AZ91/AlSi12 Bimetals Fabricated by Liquid-Solid Compound Casting Using Unmodified and Thermally Modified AlSi12 Alloy

Renata Mola, Tomasz Bucki
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Pages: 439-448

A Study for the Nanofinishing of an EN-31 Workpiece with Pulse DC Power Supply Using Ball-End Magnetorheological Finishing

Himmat Singh, Mahendra Singh Niranjan, Reeta Wattal
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Pages: 449-457

Comparative Analysis of Static and Dynamic Performance of Nonpneumatic Tire with Flexible Spoke Structure

Zifeng Zhang, Hongxun Fu, Xuemeng Liang, Xiaoxia Chen, Di Tan
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Pages: 458-466

3D FE modelling of machining forces during AISI 4140 hard turning

Anastasios Tzotzis, César García-Hernández, José-Luis Huertas-Talón, Panagiotis Kyratsis
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Pages: 467-478