Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 69 (2023) 11-12

year 2023, volume 69, issue 11-12

Grinding of Cemented Carbide Using a Vitrified Diamond Pin and Lubricated Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Deepa Kareepadath Santhosh, Franci Pušavec, Peter Krajnik
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Pages: 435-443

Aerodynamic Analysis of Mathematically Modelled Propeller for Small UAV Using CFD in Different Temperature Conditions

Tamilselvan Ganesan, Niresh Jayarajan
Views: 317
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Pages: 444-454

Vehicle Technical Inspection Results in Relation to EU Directives and Selected EU Countries

Jernej Klemenc, Domen Šeruga, Tomaž Svetina, Jože Tršelič
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Pages: 455-470

Impact Behaviour Modelling of Magnetorheological Elastomer Using a Non-Parametric Polynomial Model Optimized with Gravitational Search Algorithm

Amrina Rasyada Zubir, Khisbullah Hudha, Zulkiffli Abd. Kadir, Noor Hafizah Amer
Views: 251
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Pages: 471-482

Optimization Method of Multi-parameter Coupling for a Hydraulic Rolling Reshaper Based on Factorial Design

Hongfei Li, Min Luo, Tingting Xu, Qiaozhen Li, Yanming Hou
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Pages: 483-496

Surface Quality of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy After Precision Milling with Coated Tools

Jarosław Korpysa, Józef Kuczmaszewski, Ireneusz Zagórski
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Pages: 497-508

Active Disturbance Rejection Control Algorithm for the Driven Branch Chain of a Polishing Robot

Kaifeng Dong, Jun Li, Mengyao Lv, Xin Li, Wei Gu, Gang Cheng
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Pages: 509-521