Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 60 (2014) 3

year 2014, volume 60, issue 3

The experimental analysis of cavitating structure fluctuations and pressure pulsations in the cavitation station

Ignacijo Biluš, Gorazd Bombek, Brane Širok, Marko Hočevar, Tine Cenčič, Martin Petkovšek
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Pages: 147-157

Forced vibration analysis of milling machine’s hexapod table under machining forces

Siamak Pedrammehr, Mehran Mahboubkhah, Mohammad Reza Chalak Qazani, Arash Rahmani, Sajjad Pakzad
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Pages: 158-171

A method for optodynamic characterization of Erbium laser ablation using piezoelectric detection

Georgije Bosiger, Tadej Perhavec, Janez Diaci
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Pages: 172-178

A detailed analysis of resonant frequency and sensitivity of flexural modes of an atomic force microscope cantilevers with sidewall probe based on a nonlocal elasticity theory

Mohammad Abbasi, Ardeshir Karami Mohammadi
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Pages: 179-186

Tuned-sinusoidal method for operational modal analysis of small and light structures

Domen Rovšček, Janko Slavič, Miha Boltežar
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Pages: 187-194

Prediction of Wall Thickness Distribution in Simple Thermoforming Moulds

Ertugrul Selcuk Erdogan, Olcay Eksi
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Pages: 195-202

Sea-wave Dynamic Loading of Sailing Yacht`s Retractable Keel

Pino Koc
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Pages: 203-209