Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (2021) 4

year 2021, volume 67, issue 4

Studying the Performance of Cutting Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Using an Abrasive Water Jet Technique

Ahmed A. Hussien, Isam Qasem, Pramodkumar S. Kataraki, Wael Al‐Kouz, Ayub Ahmed Janvekar
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Downloads: 773
Pages: 135-141

HIL Evaluation of a Novel Real-time Energy Management System for an HEV with a Continuously Variable Transmission

Amir Taghavipour, Ali Alipour
Views: 1164
Downloads: 603
Pages: 142-152

A Strain-Based Method to Estimate Longitudinal Force for Intelligent Tires by Using a Physics-Based Model

Haichao Zhou, Huiyun Li, Jian Yang, Qingyun Chen, Guolin Wang, Tong Han, Jieyu Ren, Te Ma
Views: 1103
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Pages: 153-166

Optimization of the Internal Roller Burnishing Process for Energy Reduction and Surface Properties

Trung-Thanh Nguyen, Thai-Minh Le
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Pages: 167-179

Design of a Throat-extended FDM Extruder for Multi-axis 3D Printing

Hao Liu, Zhoupeng Liu, Siting Hao
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Pages: 180-190

Residual, Corrosion & Tribological Behavior of HVOF Sprayed Sustainable Temperature-Dependent Carbon-Based Hybrid Composite Coating

Ankit Tyagi, Qasim Murtaza, Ravinderjit Singh Walia
Views: 963
Downloads: 668
Pages: 191-199