Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 62 (2016) 10

year 2016, volume 62, issue 10

Natural Convection of Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Square Cavity with a Localized Heat Source

Afrasiab Raisi
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Pages: 553-564

Design and Evaluation of a Hierarchical Control Algorithm for an Electric Active Stabilizer Bar System

Zhenxing Kong, Dawei Pi, Xianhui Wang, Hongliang Wang, Shan Chen
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Pages: 565-576

Multi-objective Optimization of Cloud Manufacturing Service Composition with Cloud-Entropy Enhanced Genetic Algorithm

Yongxiang Li, Xifan Yao, Jifeng Zhou
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Pages: 577-590

Parameters Influencing the Dynamic Behaviour of the Carrying Structure of a Type H Portal Crane

Rade Vasiljević, Milomir Gašić, Mile Savković
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Pages: 591-602

A Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of ZnO-Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid in Rectangular Microchannels

Cuneyt Uysal, Kamil Arslan, Huseyin Kurt
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Pages: 603-613

Numerical Simulation of Transient Pressure Control in a Pumped Water Supply System Using an Improved Bypass Pipe

Xiaozhou Li, Manlin Zhu, Jiancang Xie
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Pages: 614-622