Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (2021) 11

year 2021, volume 67, issue 11

Performance Study of EDM Process Parameters Using TiC/ZrSiO4 Particulate-Reinforced Copper Composite Electrode

Duraisivam Saminatharaja, Suresh Periyakgounder, Mahalingam Selvaraj, Jamuna Elangandhi
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Pages: 547-556

A Method for Calculating Elliptic Gear Transmission Efficiency Based on Transmission Experiment

Changbin Dong, Yongping Liu, Gang Zhao
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Pages: 557-569

Investigation of Hydrodynamic Flow Characteristics in Helical Coils with Ovality and Wrinkles

Govindaraj Periasamy, Senthilkumar Mouleeswaran, Prabhu Raja Venugopal, Chellapandi Perumal
Views: 758
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Pages: 570-579

Synchronization and Stability of a Three Co-Rotating Rotor System Coupled with Springs in a Non-Resonance System

Mingjun Du, Yongjun Hou, Tong Tang, Lian Tang, Jialong Wang, Hongbo Gao
Views: 684
Downloads: 391
Pages: 580-598

Electro-Hydraulic Drive of the Variable Ratio Lifting Device under Active Load

Andrzej Kosucki, Łukasz Stawiński, Adrian Morawiec, Jarosław Goszczak
Views: 983
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Pages: 599-610

Applicability of MCDM Algorithms for the Selection of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage Heat Exchangers

Paul Gregory Felix, Velavan Rajagopal, Kannan Kumaresan
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Pages: 611-622