Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 69 (2023) 1-2

year 2023, volume 69, issue 1-2

Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Bit Anchor Cable Drilling in the Gravel Sediments of a Soft Rock Bottom Hole

Kuidong Gao, Jihai Liu, Qingliang Zeng, Jingyi Cheng, Liqing Sun, Lisong Lin
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Pages: 3-16

Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Gear-Rotor-Bearing System with External Excitation

Risu Na, Kaifa Jia, Shujing Miao, Weiguo Zhang, Quan Zhang
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Pages: 17-31

Angstrom-Prescott Type Models for Predicting Solar Irradiation for Different Locations in Zimbabwe

Cedrick Iradukunda, Kudzanayi Chiteka
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Pages: 32-48

Influence of the Side Branch Structure Pattern of the Imitation Cat’s Claw Function on the Vibration and Noise of Tires

Guolin Wang, Kexin Zhu, Lei Wang, Jian Yang, Lin Bo
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Pages: 49-60

The Application of Neural Networks to Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards

Emmanuel Basitere, Ilesanmi Daniyan, Khumbulani Mpofu, Adefemi Adeodu
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Pages: 61-72

Analytical Formulae and Applications of Vertical Dynamic Responses for Railway Vehicles

Yuewei Yu, Yunpeng Song, Leilei Zhao, Changcheng Zhou
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Pages: 73-81