Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 52 (2006) 9

year 2006, volume 52, issue 9

The Strength of as Cast Iron and Normalized Cast Iron Subjected to Cyclic Loading

Mindaugas Leonavičius, Algimantas Krenevičius, Stanislav Stupak, Gediminas Petraitis, Marijonas Šukšta, Živilinas Bazaras
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Pages: 558-567

The Connection Between the Climate Change Model and a Building’s Thermal Response Model: A Case of Slovenia

Boris Vidrih, Mojca Dolinar, Sašo Medved
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Pages: 568-586

A Variational Approach to the Establishment of a Lubrication Equation for a Non-Newtonian Thin Film

Ji Huan He, Li Na Zhang
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Pages: 587-591

The Universal Grey Transfer Matrix Method and Its Application in Calculating the Natural Frequencies of Systems

You Xin Luo, Hong Zhong Huang, Xianfeng Fan
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Pages: 592-598

Development of the Generic Structure and Programming Modules of an Elementary Work System for Distributed Printing

Franc Rotar, Alojz Sluga
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Pages: 599-612

Producing Polytetrafluorethylene Membranes and Laminating Them on Textile Backings

Darko Drev
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Pages: 613-624