Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering 52 (2006) 1

year 2006, volume 52, issue 1

The Influence of Biodiesel Fuel on the Injection, Combustion, Emissions and Performance of a Direct-Injected Diesel Engine

Aleš Hribernik
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Pages: 3-14

A Novel Algorithm for the Simulation of an Automotive Turbocharger Turbine

Tomaž Katrašnik
Views: 1474
Downloads: 862
Pages: 15-25

Measuring a Driver’s Reaction Time

Tone Magister, Rok Krulec, Milan Batista, Leon Bogdanović
Views: 4501
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Pages: 26-40

The Difference Between a Front-Axle Stress Calculation Using the Finite-Element Method and the Same Calculation According to DIN743

Ivan Okorn, Tomaž Bešter, Matija Fajdiga, Petar Orbanič
Views: 1441
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Pages: 41-51

The Effects of Different Analysis Parameters on the Calculated Temperature of a Loaded Headlamp

Andrej Wagner, Tomaž Bučar, Matija Fajdiga
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Pages: 52-62